20201208 Testing Session Results

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Thanks to the VE’s AJ4NX, KK4QDZ, N4MQU, WA2KQY and K7RLH for helping at the testing session today. It’s fun testing on a work day so they new licenses ae issued the same day a lot of times.
The new call signs have been issued and I have notified everyone with their new callsign. The upgrades have been updated in the FCC database.
As you hear KO4JZQ,Yang, James KO4JAT, and Audrey KO4JZS be sure to give them a warm welcome.
Congratulations to the upgrades, Dennis, Serge, and James.
I call the Virginia Fone Net on 3.947 at 4:00 PM Wednesday.

Don’t forget the DMR net Wednesday night at 9:00 PM TGIF Talk Group 1870.

20201205 Testing session results

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Raleigh, NC – We had a great testing session. Four new Technicians, two new Generals, two upgraded to General. We had more registered but they were no shows. May have been scared off by all the Covid news. We kept our social distance by dividing the applicants into three different sessions. Thanks to the VE’s K7RLH Richard Hall, KK4QEF Lannie Godwin, WA2KQY Stan Disbrow, WW4TCH Tony Hall, NC4AU Larkin Folsom

Banks Road testing facility may be a unique facility for amateur radio testing in this area. We now have a turn key operation where all the testing supplies and hardware are at the facility. Thanks to Stan (WA2KQY)and Paulette (KM4RMW)Disbrow owner of Supreme. T-shirts & Apparel, for the use of the facility and the keyboard, monitor and mouse. When I was telling people about loosing access to the fire stations due to Covid he said he had a place we could use. I paid a visit and it looked ideal to me. I reached out to the group for a printer so I wouldn’t have to lug my bulky printer around and K7RLH Richard Hall stepped up donated a nice laser printer. W4CEC Chris Cancilla donated a laptop computer that required a new battery pack that I purchased.
The morning of the exam I connected everything together and it all work.
I am happy to report the VE team is supportive of continuing our testing schedule on the first Saturday of every month in 2021. I am dragging my feet a little to see if we get any more restrictions due to Covid. However we will support amateur exams by appointment. Exam Registration

20201129 net recap and December testing session

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FCHRE net recap

Thanks to all who checked in.  13.  I may have got the First call sign on list incorrect.

I appreciate the support of the Carolina 440 net.  If you wish to help out and join the organization check out https://www.carolina440.net/membership.html.

20201129 checkins

December 5 testing session

We reached our applicant limit (6) for our first session so I added a second session and have 4 registered already.  We are getting applicants all the way from Fort Bragg to Burlington.  If you check ARRL website to find a testing session we are the only ones offering testing in the area. I say that to issue an appeal.  If you are an Extra class operator in the outlying areas and are interested in starting your own VE team please contact me.  I will put you in touch with the right person. You are in for a very rewarding experience talking to unlicensed people and seeing them get their license.

DSTAR Net 11/30/2020

North Carolina Amateur Radio Operators Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/NCHamRadioOperators/?ref=share

Has announced a simplex D-STAR simplex test net tonight at 7:00PM  145.670 MHz D-STAR. KI4CFS is in Raleigh but N4AED and N4MQU is in Wendell and will be checking in. Check his YouTube out. https://youtu.be/EBehBOsH3x8


Mark Gibson(N4MQU)

2020 great year but it ain’t over yet!

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December testing

December 5 testing

We have 8 applicants so I added a 11:00 AM session.

December 8

We have 2 applicants

Don’t forget we do testing by appointment. If you have a group and would like us to test get me a venue and we will try to work it out or we can use Banks Road.

I was playing with statistics This was interesting.  Amateur radio testing activity versus membership. The membership and applicants are not necessarily the same people. Applicants are not unique. A person may take the exam in July and another exam in September.  We have 106 members.

December 2020 testing schedule

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Raleigh, NC We have two testing sessions in December. Saturday December 5 and Tuesday December 8.  Due to Covid we limit the applicants to six people.  The exam starts at 10 AM but if we get more than six we may be able to add additional testing sessions the same day. We do require registration.  Please register at Exam Registration.The FCVET is part of the  Laurel VEC that means we do not charge for the exam sessions.