June Log Book

Amateur Radio


A couple of upcoming in person radio events are Happening!

Johnston Amateur Radio Society June meeting  in-person will be at Pizza Inn,  Hwy 42 , in the Cleveland community on  June 18.

 We usually gather between 6:00-6:30 pm for dinner and social fellowship and the meeting starts at 7:00 pmJars field day info is posted at https://www.jars.net/jars-field-day-2020/

If you want to eat Saturday at field day please register! Amateur Radio Exams are scheduled for Sunday at 10:00 AM but may be available anytime that weekend if I can get two other VE’s.  

Need to take exam?  Contact me we maybe able to set you up an appointment. Register at https://fivecountyhre.org/registration/.  New extra class question pool starts July 1. 

It looks like we are at 76 members now.