Third Thursday January 2024 Exam Results


Thanks to Supreme T-shirts and Apparel for hosting the FCVET and to the Laurel VEC for allowing the FCVET consisting of 

Joe Haggerty (N4BJH) Richard Spargur (K3UI) William Auld. (K4WCA) Stan Disbrow (W2CK) Mike Rowland. (N3YEP)

Congratulations to the successful applicants the FCC has granted the following applications and has issued or will be issuing their call signs as appropriate.  They will all be new technicians.  

Kyle Rooney  (KQ4NWH) n  of Fuquay-Varina

Paul Hetrick (KQ4 NWW) of Cary

Raymond Summerrow, Jr (KQ4NWX) of Apex

Teegan  Lutzie  (Call Pending)of Huntersville 

Alexander Andrew’s (KQ4NWF)  of. South Mills 

From W2CK

Stats for Banks Road

323 applicants

290 nsuccessful

167 Techs

97 Generals

25 Extras

If you haven’t watched the video of behind the scenes at an exam session Here is the link

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Banks Road Testing Results April

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Banks Road April Activity

Five County Ham Radio Enthusiast didn’t start as a VE team.  A couple of us wanted somewhere in Wendell area to go to to talk ham radio without going to Raleigh or Benson. Then one day I saw that the Hamvention didn’t charge for exams and I started asking questions.  I found out that the VECs are able to establish the rates they charge and Laurel VEC made a decision not to charge a fee and that each team took care of their own expenses.  I found out they didn’t have any teams in North Carolina so I started one.  Our first testing session was in Wendell at my friend KJ4MDY’s Peter Eggimann place of business Electronic Products Design. We had a tech in a day class with 9 students.  5 of them passed. Our regional coordinator for Laurel came down to help as it was my first  time leading an exam session.  It would have been a disaster without the support of him and the other VEs from other VECs. Anyway I felt a need to give a brief history of the organization as we approach 400 subscribers.

Thanks to the Laurel VEC and the FCVET of K3UI, KO4W, K4WCA, W2CK and N4MQU everyone once again got what they came for.

N9QEQ Upgrade to Extra

KQ4IBO Sorin D Lazareanu of Apex new tech

KQ4HZW Frank Slifer Of Knightdale new tech

KQ4HZV Sudhakar Nagarajan new tech 

K3UI renewed his license! 


N9QEQ Upgrade to Extra

KQ4IBO New tech

KQ4HZW New tech