Third Thursday May 2023 Report

BRTC, PTVET, Testing

Thanks to the Laurel VEC and the FCVET of N4MQU, K3UI and K4EUP and to our host K4PKD and W2CK we had a successful amateur radio exam session. Although we had no applicants everyone got what they came for and the paperwork submitted was perfect.  And now another look at behind the scenes of a VE Team.  When we arrived the team discovered trees in the front and back yard were down. This apparently was due to a storm in the area sometime Tuesday night.  We really appreciate Paulette and Stan hosting us on the third Thursday. Fortunately there appeared to be no damage to the facility. By the way there is paperwork still do be done even if we have no applicants.  Be sure to thank a VE next time you meet one.  A lot of work goes on behind the scenes.

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