August Dinner Gathering

Amateur Radio, Dinner

By: Mark Gibson (N4MQU)

We had great food at Mclean’s for our dinner.  I appreciate all those that came.  We had a great informal discussion on various topics.  Looks like we have a lot of talent in the group.  It looks like our August gathering will again be on the fourth Thursday for August but we did talk about maybe changing. 

August 2021 Dinner


Our return to regular in-person gatherings

Amateur Radio, Dinner




With the overall pandemic requirements seemingly relaxing and one of our members asking when are we returning to our dinner gatherings we did so tonight. We chose to return to our original dinner location where we had three or maybe four show up at our first meeting.  Tonight we had 14!






FCHRE return to dinner

Members and guests attending tonight included AJ4NX, N4AED, KJ4QNX, KC2ARG, KC2ARH, KJ4TUC, KK4QDZ, KB2TNR, KA2DEW, KC2BXN, and daughter Evelyn, AC1Y, N4MQU, WA2KQY.

The little business that was conducted introducing each other and perhaps changing dinner gatherings to the fourth Thursday.  Individual informal discussions were made. N4AED of The Ham Badgers announced the availability of ham badges with Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts Logo and your call sign on them.  They can be ordered here.


Plenty of room to expand