FCHRE Net Preamble

Amateur Radio, Net

Calling the Five County ham radio net Calling the Five County Ham radio net. The purpose of this net is to promote amateur radio activity among ham radio operators. This net is directed meaning to go thru the net control station to address your traffic to another party. If there is any emergency traffic break into the net by saying emergency traffic and your call.
Do we have any net announcements of interest to the ham radio community this is (Your Call Sign)
The topic of the net is fluid meaning it can be checkin driven. If you have any topic of interest to the ham radio or other hobbies you may bring it up. Net control may restrict any topic and topics must be compliant with the repeater trustee and fcc regulations.
I will stand by for stations to checkin by the first letter of your suffix
Stations Alpha – Gulf
Stations Hotel – November
Stations October -Zulo
Do we have any echolink stations wishing to check in                                                       I will now accept check-ins from any stations who missed the earlier call up. Call net control, (call sign).
(Call each station for their comment or discussion)
I will now accept check-ins from any stations who missed the earlier call up. Call net control, (call sign).
(Call remaining stations for their comment or discussion).
Before I close the net, are there any stations with announcements, questions or comments?
We hope everyone enjoyed the net tonight. I want to that the Carolina 440 System for the use of their repeater network and for their support of ham radio.
This is (call sign) and I am securing the Five County ham radio net and returning the Carolina 440 repeaters to normal amateur use. Stations may now contact each other without going through net control. (call sign) clear.


20201129 net recap and December testing session

Amateur Radio, Net, Testing

FCHRE net recap

Thanks to all who checked in.  13.  I may have got the First call sign on list incorrect.

I appreciate the support of the Carolina 440 net.  If you wish to help out and join the organization check out https://www.carolina440.net/membership.html.

20201129 checkins

December 5 testing session

We reached our applicant limit (6) for our first session so I added a second session and have 4 registered already.  We are getting applicants all the way from Fort Bragg to Burlington.  If you check ARRL website to find a testing session we are the only ones offering testing in the area. I say that to issue an appeal.  If you are an Extra class operator in the outlying areas and are interested in starting your own VE team please contact me.  I will put you in touch with the right person. You are in for a very rewarding experience talking to unlicensed people and seeing them get their license.

DSTAR Net 11/30/2020

North Carolina Amateur Radio Operators Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/NCHamRadioOperators/?ref=share

Has announced a simplex D-STAR simplex test net tonight at 7:00PM  145.670 MHz D-STAR. KI4CFS is in Raleigh but N4AED and N4MQU is in Wendell and will be checking in. Check his YouTube out. https://youtu.be/EBehBOsH3x8


Mark Gibson(N4MQU)

FCHRE Amateur Radio Net

Amateur Radio, Net

Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts is pleased to announce the premier of the Five County Amateur Radio Net.  The Premier of the Net will be on Sunday September 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM.  It will be held weekly.

Five County is the home of the Five County VE Team. The VE team was the Premier free VE Team in North Carolina.  

The frequencies for the net include the frequencies in the Carolina 440 Net. The linked repeaters can be found here.

14 Repeaters are on the Raleigh Carolina 440 UHF Link System full time covering over 45,000 square miles of mobile coverage. In addition to the RF Linked repeaters *Expandable coverage using IRLP, AllStar and EchoLink are available. 

The UHF Link System also has EchoLink, Node 42704 and it is available to connect with other repeater systems in the US.

The subject of the net will be fluid but one suggestion is what other hobbies do you have. We hope this net will be used as a training tool by allowing anyone with an interest in learning how to call a net and with a signal suitable enough to use the repeater to be able to do so.