FCHRE Amateur Radio Net

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Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts is pleased to announce the premier of the Five County Amateur Radio Net.  The Premier of the Net will be on Sunday September 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM.  It will be held weekly.

Five County is the home of the Five County VE Team. The VE team was the Premier free VE Team in North Carolina.  

The frequencies for the net include the frequencies in the Carolina 440 Net. The linked repeaters can be found here.

14 Repeaters are on the Raleigh Carolina 440 UHF Link System full time covering over 45,000 square miles of mobile coverage. In addition to the RF Linked repeaters *Expandable coverage using IRLP, AllStar and EchoLink are available. 

The UHF Link System also has EchoLink, Node 42704 and it is available to connect with other repeater systems in the US.

The subject of the net will be fluid but one suggestion is what other hobbies do you have. We hope this net will be used as a training tool by allowing anyone with an interest in learning how to call a net and with a signal suitable enough to use the repeater to be able to do so.