20201208 Testing Session Results

Amateur Radio, Testing

Thanks to the VE’s AJ4NX, KK4QDZ, N4MQU, WA2KQY and K7RLH for helping at the testing session today. It’s fun testing on a work day so they new licenses ae issued the same day a lot of times.
The new call signs have been issued and I have notified everyone with their new callsign. The upgrades have been updated in the FCC database.
As you hear KO4JZQ,Yang, James KO4JAT, and Audrey KO4JZS be sure to give them a warm welcome.
Congratulations to the upgrades, Dennis, Serge, and James.
I call the Virginia Fone Net on 3.947 at 4:00 PM Wednesday.

Don’t forget the DMR net Wednesday night at 9:00 PM TGIF Talk Group 1870.