20201205 Testing session results

Amateur Radio, Testing

Raleigh, NC – We had a great testing session. Four new Technicians, two new Generals, two upgraded to General. We had more registered but they were no shows. May have been scared off by all the Covid news. We kept our social distance by dividing the applicants into three different sessions. Thanks to the VE’s K7RLH Richard Hall, KK4QEF Lannie Godwin, WA2KQY Stan Disbrow, WW4TCH Tony Hall, NC4AU Larkin Folsom

Banks Road testing facility may be a unique facility for amateur radio testing in this area. We now have a turn key operation where all the testing supplies and hardware are at the facility. Thanks to Stan (WA2KQY)and Paulette (KM4RMW)Disbrow owner of Supreme. T-shirts & Apparel, for the use of the facility and the keyboard, monitor and mouse. When I was telling people about loosing access to the fire stations due to Covid he said he had a place we could use. I paid a visit and it looked ideal to me. I reached out to the group for a printer so I wouldn’t have to lug my bulky printer around and K7RLH Richard Hall stepped up donated a nice laser printer. W4CEC Chris Cancilla donated a laptop computer that required a new battery pack that I purchased.
The morning of the exam I connected everything together and it all work.
I am happy to report the VE team is supportive of continuing our testing schedule on the first Saturday of every month in 2021. I am dragging my feet a little to see if we get any more restrictions due to Covid. However we will support amateur exams by appointment. Exam Registration