June Log Book

Amateur Radio


A couple of upcoming in person radio events are Happening!

Johnston Amateur Radio Society June meeting  in-person will be at Pizza Inn,  Hwy 42 , in the Cleveland community on  June 18.

 We usually gather between 6:00-6:30 pm for dinner and social fellowship and the meeting starts at 7:00 pmJars field day info is posted at https://www.jars.net/jars-field-day-2020/

If you want to eat Saturday at field day please register! Amateur Radio Exams are scheduled for Sunday at 10:00 AM but may be available anytime that weekend if I can get two other VE’s.  

Need to take exam?  Contact me we maybe able to set you up an appointment. Register at https://fivecountyhre.org/registration/.  New extra class question pool starts July 1. 

It looks like we are at 76 members now.

Amateur Radio Extra Class

Amateur Radio, Class, Extra Class

The ARRL has the 2016 – 2020 question pool here. I highly recommend the Gordon West Extra Class study material ($29.95). For those of us on a budget KB6NU has a 2016 No Nonsense Extra Class Study Guide ($9.95) and on his website indicates ” Dont’t worry, though, if you purchase this books, and don’t pass the test by June 30, 2020, I’ll send you the updated version for FREE!”. 

The Roanoke Valley Amateur Radio Club has Extra Class Amateur Radio Study video for the 2016 -2020 question pool. Be sure to watch all of the videos there.

The online tools at HamStudy and eHam are excellent resources. The Extra class exam is scheduled to change on July 1, 2020.  Just make sure you are study the material for the date you are planning on taking the exam.

FCHRE Logbook

Amateur Radio

FCHRE Logbook 

Our April Gathering 

Waitresses at McLeans

Due to The Executive Orders issued for North Carolina we are not able to meet in restaurants but this is not restricting on the air or internet activities. I monitor the Carolina 440 Network

I hope this pandemic will not last but we can handle it. 

On the Air Activities 

The Carolina 440 Network has been hosting a new net each morning at 11 AM.  This is mainly a Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) operators but they accept checkins from any amateur.  They ask for reports on what they are doing in support of this emergency.


In addition I have been participating with the Bandhoppers group.  They encourage amateurs to check into their Thursday night net and activities throughout the week.  Activities have included digital modes like FT4, FT8 and of course Morse Code. Net control stations are dealing cards for Bandhoppers to log to see who can collect the most points. There is no cost to join the group. All you need to do is check in with one of the Net Controls.

Meeting Conducted on the Air

Members of the Johnston Amateur Radio Society (JARS) met on the air for their March meeting.   If this continues I am sure this will expend to include visual displays using other platforms such as Zoom and Skype.

Not a Communication Emergency

This pandemic does not appear to be as of yet a communication emergency but this does mean you do not prepare your communication tools.  Check your equipment, expand your capabilities. Amateurs radio operators in North Carolina should follow steps on the FCHRE website to get on the FEMA certificates required by Auxcomm


By Richard Hall – K7RLH

Mark Gibson, N4MQU,  challenged members of FCHRE to expand our horizons and consider becoming an Aux Comm member, so, I accepted the challenge.  Using my stay-at-home time wisely, I set out to complete the required courses listed on the FCHRE web site for Aux Comm.There is a daunting amount of material to learn and absorb, but, just like anything else, it will require putting things into practice to really make it stick!  I was able to complete the four mandatory courses over five days and print my certificates.  The next step was to register with NC Aux Comm Society and I must admit that I was puzzled at first.I reached out to Mark about the inability to register without a login password and he redirected my request to Scott Lewis, AB4SL.  I received an email from Scott asking you for copies of my completion certificates and he advised that I would receive an invitation to enter the NC Aux Comm database information within a few days.  I subsequently received the invitation with a login password and have filled out the database required info.  So, having said all that, it really wasn’t all that difficult and I’m now in the database.



Richard Hall – K7RLH

Welcome 3 new Members 

We welcome 3 new members to the group. K4CGB Christopher Bates of Wilson, and KF4IFE Russell Kendel and WN4RSS Randy Stark both of Cary.  Christopher joined us thru our on line application form.  Russel and Randy joined the FCVET.  When our restrictions are over I hope we can develop some free testing opportunities In the Cary area. 

Thank You

Thank you for reading this blog.  If you are not a member of the Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts join by signing up here.  Our next dinner gathering will be held when the emergency is over. For last months logbook click on the link.

FCHRE Logbook

Amateur Radio

The Logbook of the FCHRE

Monthly Gathering 

March Gathering

Our return to Mclean’s

Our return to McLeans found two of our newest members Larry Hill KO4BYM (a new ham) and Mike Beamon (KN4DPX) coming to the gathering along with AJ4NX, KJ4TUC, KD4JMJ and N4MQU. 
We welcome our newest members Mike Beamon (KN4DPX) and John Garrett (N4YFU) to the group.  Mike joined via our website and John came in as a VE team member.

If anyone wishes to add their bio to this website send me something.

This graph shows our growth so far this year. I add a new VE as a member and people that sign up at Membership Application

Our 2020 new members graph

March 7 Testing Session 

VE team


Thanks to Contentnea Fire Department In Wilson, NC for hosting our March amateur radio testing.  This was the first time we allowed walk-ins and we had two.

We had 8 applicants taking 10 elements (exams). One applicant returning to the hobby Domingo Rogers KO4CKE Be sure to welcome him back to amateur radio. Two applicants received their Extra Class license Upgrade N4YFU John Garrett and KO4BHV Jason Lind.  Not everyone received what they came for but they didn’t have to pay for it either!

N4YFU has joined the FCVET. I’ve know John since I first moved to North Carolina and I am sure he will be a great asset to the team.  

Thanks to the Volunteer Examiners that helped out at our testing session KK4QEF, NC4KG, AJ4NX, KK4QDZ and W4BRG.  I appreciate all of the VE’s and completely understand other commitments that prevent everyone from coming. I think it is important to note since we have a wide area and we don’t test in the same facility I think that in itself is an asset bringing the testing session to the people. I am reaching out to other facilities to schedule our next testing session.

Larry KO4BYM and Glenn NC4KG

Activity of the FCVET

W4CEC Receives ARRL Service to Scouting Award

A couple of years ago I saw a post on the Franklin County ARC group.io page  talking about a new class for scouts and others for the technician exam and the only thing they have to pay for was the exam.  Naturally I had to attempt stop that and contacted W4CEC Chris Cancilla and remarkably he agreed to allow FCVET to administer the free exams.  We had the biggest group at a  testing session to date (37). We gathered VE’s from multiple groups and it was a great learning experience. Chris later received his Extra class license and joined the FCVET and after encouragement from me he started his own VE team. I didn’t really know how involved Chris was in scouting. Chris informed me that he was going to receive the ARRL Service to Scouting Award at the Franklin County Amateur Radio Club meeting. The ARRL North Carolina Section Manager, Karl Bowman – W4CHX, presented the award. Here is the link to the YouTube Video.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this blog.  If you are not a member of the Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts join by signing up here.  Our next dinner gathering is April 13 at Mclean’s.