Launch on need vehicle

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As the shuttle program came to a close NASA decided to prepare a shuttle in case STS-134 had any issues they would be able to launch another shuttle to rescue the crew.     See Launch on needThe rescue shuttle launch was not needed and NASA launched the last shuttle as STS-135 and the Russians provided the launch on need support.

The Banks Road campus was offered to the FCVET for a test facility when the various fire stations closed their doors to the community due to the pandemic. Our first exam at Banks Road was March 7, 2020.

Thanks to the owners of Supreme. T-shirts & Apparel Paulette (K4PKD) and Stan (W2CK) Disbrow that allows us to use their office in the capital city of Raleigh for amateur radio testing. While some the other established clubs in the area were cutting out the in-person exams in favor of the on-line exams or not doing it all the informal Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts (FCHRE) clubs VE team FCVET decided to continue to offer regular scheduled amateur radio exams. Here is an article  when we celebrated our first anniversary.

At our last scheduled Saturday testing session I congratulate the following upgrades to Extra.

KK4MZS of Fayetteville

KO4TWA of Wake Forest

I congratulate the following upgrades to General

KO4RNG of Garner

KM4BMQ of Cary

And the following  new amateur radio amateur radio Operators

New Generals

KO4RUA of Holy Springs

KO4RUG of  Cary

New Technicians

KO4RUB of Apex

KO4RUC of Hillsborough

KO4RUD of Raleigh

KO4RUE of Raleigh

KO4RUF of Clayton

KO4RUH of Raleigh

Please sure to welcome them as they get on the air.  

We will not have exams in July on the third Thursday but will continue testing at Banks Road on the Third Thursday of the month starting in August.  We will also continue testing by appointments at anytime agreeable to any FCVET deputy directors and two other VE team members. If you need this accommodation just check other on the   Registration page and make a comment about what day of week and the time frame.