FCHRE First Amateur Radio Workshop

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The Mentors 


The mentors all are part of the FCHRE but many are members of the other triangle area radio clubs including Franklin County ARC, Durham FM Association, Johnston Amateur Radio Society, Raleigh Amateur Radio Society.

The Mentors



The students were trained into how to program their radios so they could take it home and make changes on their on. The students were given instructions on how to get their official license copy so they can submit the proper documentation for DMR and EchoLink.

Programming Tips

On the Air 


About a dozen students were able to get on the air being instructed how to do so by an experienced mentor

The Mentees



Under Construction 

Portable J-Pole antenna set up


At the request of our host Triangle Torah Fellowship, FCHRE was invited to conduct a Amateur Radio Workshop for their members and the public. Their request was for us to teach them how to program the radios and to to assist the licensed members to get on the air and to assist in any other way we could to assist in the area of their amateur radio career. The lesson I learned Is amateur radio clubs need to team up with the VE teams and schedule amateur radio workshops throughout the community.

Chameleon MPAS hybrid antenna. We made 1 contact with Oklahoma for demonstration purposes.