20210228 Weekly Report

Amateur Radio, Weekly Report

Weekly Nets

Please join us tonight at 7:00PM for the Five County Ham Radio Enthusiasts net on the Carolina 440 network. You will be able to find your closest repeater at https://www.carolina440.net/440uhf-repeaters/repeaters-on-link.html. If you are not close to the repeater or are unlicensed and you would like to listen on line try https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/34503 Tony Hall (WW4TCH) is our regular net control station.

If you have thought you would like to serve the community during an emergency the best way to get ready is to learn to call a net. Let me know if you are interested in becoming a net control operator.

Thanks to the Carolina 440 net for the use of the repeater. If you would like to help see https://www.carolina440.net/membership/support.html. Tell them FCHRE sent you.

Our weekly DMR net is Wednesday at 9:00 PM on the TGIF Talk Group 1870.

VE Team Report

We had a great testing session yesterday. Thanks to the VE’s WA2KQY, K7RLH, K9JWS and N4MQU. We had 7 Applicants, testing for 10 Elements. 3 New technicians, 2 new generals and 1 upgrade to extra. They should be getting their callsigns tomorrow. This session was planned at the last minute to help to relieve some of the crowd from the test session next week. A savings of $105 was made for our applicants.

First Contact

Five County’s First Contact program started with yesterdays new applicants. Each new applicant was informed of the new program. Our intention is to follow up with the new applicants until they let us know they have made their first contact and even longer if they need us. I have had several new technicians tell me they were interested ham radio in high school many years ago and got interested in it again this year. I love those stories. Feel free to send me a private message with your story and I will put it on the website.

Have you got on the air yet since you’ve been licensed? Reach out to us if you have questions or just don’t know how.

NC QSO Party
Look for me on the band today. I most likely will be on 40 meters and hope to work a little CW and phone. De n4mqu